Don your razzliest, dazzliest zebra attire and join us for Dazzle Walk 2024!

This May, choose a time, location and distance that is right for you and get walking to raise funds for EDS UK. Take a look at our Dazzle Walk guidelines  for ideas and guidance on how to get started. Dazzle Walk is an inclusive event. Whether you’d like to walk it, wheel it or use other aids – we encourage you to get involved however you can.

Register now and receive your exclusive Dazzle Walk fundraising guide and other materials, designed to give your walk that extra sparkle.

How it works

Download your exclusive free resources and set a date, time and location for your walk.

Invite others to be involved and get sponsored. The more you raise the better the incentives!


Raise £25 and receive a printed certificate.

Go on to raise £50 and you’ll also have your name featured in Fragile Links.

Smash through these targets, raise £100 and you’ll also earn an exclusive Dazzle Walk medal.